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Russia-Ukraine Crisis Spurring Azerbaijani-Turkmen Gas Export Partnership?

Shahin Abbasov

The lack of an agreement between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan ranks as a central obstacle to moving ahead with a Trans-Caspian pipeline.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is creating an opportunity for two feuding Caspian-Sea energy powers, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, to become export partners. The latest signal that Azerbaijani-Turkmen relations might be heading for a thaw came on April 2, when Turkmen Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov (photo) paid an unexpected visit to Baku. The trip marked the first such mission by a high-ranking government official from either side since 2009. Bilateral relations between the two states have never been great during the post-Soviet era. The two have haggled over three Caspian >>

If Crimea Sanctions Bite Russia, Central Asia Will Feel the Pain

David Trilling

Central Asian governments are eyeing events in Crimea nervously, fearing that Russias heavy-handed assertiveness against Ukraine could bode ill for them.

As Western governments mull additional sanctions in response to Russias invasion and subsequent annexation of Ukraines Crimea region, Washington and Brussels wont be the only world capitals watching to see the impact: Should the new restrictions bite into Russias economy, they will have a painful trickle-down effect on the former Soviet republics of Central Asia. Twenty-two years after they formally freed themselves of Moscows dominance, most of the regions economies are still intricately tied to Russias. Kazakhstan is bound to Russia by a customs union, while the regions two poorest >>

After Afghan Border Violence, Turkmenistan Reportedly Calls Up Reservists

Murat Sadykov

Turkmenistan has called up military reservists to train on its border with Afghanistan following reports of recent skirmishes with Afghanistan-based militants.

On March 18 the Alternative Turkmenistan News (ATN) service reported that Turkmen reservists were being summoned to military enlistment offices to undergo retraining near Afghanistan. In particular, several tens of people have been sent to Serhetabad (formerly Kushka) in the country's south in the past few weeks, ATN said, citing reliable sources. The soldiers are being housed in separate barracks without leave and are subject to strict military discipline, ATN said: There is no more information but there is no talk of full mobilization. Our sources in Ashgabat haven't >>

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