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Congress asking right questions on Central Asia

Steve Swerdlow

Washingtons policywhich consists largely of publishing yearly critical reports and raising cases with authorities in closed-door negotiationsdoesnt adequately address the scope and scale of abuses in Central Asia, nor the downward spiral in rights.

Congress, or at least parts of it, is getting restless with the White House approach to human rights abuses in Central Asia. A recent hearing by the House of Representatives Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on the regions terrible human rights record, and the implications for U.S. policy, is the latest example. Led by Co-Chairman Jim McGovern (D) of Massachusetts, members asked tough questions that revealed an interest in strengthening the U.S. governments approach to this increasingly authoritarian area of the world. Testimony by State Department officials and other panelists, including >>

PM's visit to Central Asia could provide new strategic direction

Gulshan Sachdeva

With increasing Chinese dominance and relatively declining Russian presence, India will have to play a much bigger role in the region than it has so far.

Along with attending the 7th BRICS summit and the 15th Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting in Ufa in Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also visiting all five Central Asian republics of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This will be the first visit of any Indian prime minister to all the Central Asian countries simultaneously since they became independent in 1991. The visit could provide a new strategic direction to the 12-point Connect Central Asia policy announced by the previous government in 2012. The strategic location, energy >>

Europe's Dangerous Distraction: Pipelines

Nikos Tsafos

Pipelines are no longer about steel and gas molecules but about pride, security and dependencein short, they become embroiled in intangibles that are often impossible to manage or resolve.

The pipeline games in Europe never end. South Stream is dead, but it was soon resurrected as Turkish Stream, dealing a heavy blow to Brussels (this project has since hit a snag); the new government in Greece immediately saw an opening, and so Greek Stream was born, a pipeline that seems to have everything going for it except a clear purpose. And just to make sure that Northern Europe is not left behind, Russia is mulling an expansion to Nord Stream, the pipeline that connects Russia to Germany. Not to be outdone, other dead pipelines are returning: there is talk of resurrecting Nabucco and >>

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