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Turkmenistan tinkers with constitution in apparent transition strategy


The newly formed Senate will be able to bestow titles upon the president

Turkmenistan has adopted changes to the constitution that will see the creation of an upper house of parliament and the scrapping of a consultative body called the Khalk Maslahaty, or People's Council.

The amendments were approved with dizzying rapidity on September 25  first by the Khalk Maslahaty itself, then by parliament, and then by President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. The Khalk Maslahaty will cease to exist in its current format, wherein around 2,500 people, including community elders and top officials, convened occasionally to promulgate policies of ostensible national importance.

TDH state news agency cited Berdymukhamedov as saying that approval of the amendments on the eve of celebrations for the 29th anniversary of independence, was a magnificent historical >>

They call me Mr. Boombastic


For all the bombastic propaganda, there is no papering over the fact that Turkmenistan is still clearly struggling with a COVID-19 problem.

The reliable flow of news about the leader of Turkmenistans zany antics often blinds distracted observers to the arbitrary severity of the repression over which he presides.

Consider the ways that the government is enforcing its coronavirus prevention measures.

RFE/RLs Turkmen service, Radio Azatlyk, reported on September 1 that people in the Mary province unable to pay 60 manat ( $ 17) fines for failing to wear masks are being sent by police to pick cotton. Each violator is required to gather 20 kilograms of cotton daily.

Amendments have been made to the >>

The dog days of August


A secret delivery of antibody tests, more warnings about dust, and why cronyism will comfortably outlive COVID-19. This and more in our weekly briefing.

A plane-spotter in Munich, Germany, provoked a flurry of intrigue this week when he uploaded a picture of a Turkmenistan Airlines-owned Challenger 870.

Such sightings are useful as the plane in question, which carries the tail number EZ-B024, is not recorded on flight tracking apps as it is likely a craft used for official purposes. The plane was seen again in the same German city two days later, on August 29.

What were these mysterious flights?

Thinking out loud, Vienna-based Chronicles of Turkmenistan, which collated this information, mused that President Gurbanguly >>

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