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Turkmenistan: Dissidents Brother Dies After Beating

Human Rights Watch

Investigate Abduction; Ensure Familys Safety

Turkmen authorities should investigate the suspicious death of the brother of an exiled dissident journalist from Turkmenistan, Human Rights Watch said today.

Altymurad Annamuradov died on September 4, 2016, four days after he was kidnapped from his home in Turkmenistan and beaten by unknown men. Altymurad Annamuradov, 52, was kidnapped while his brother, Chary Annamuradov, was in detention in Belarus under a Turkmen government extradition request in connection with politically motivated criminal fraud charges filed in 2000. On September 14, Belarusian authorities released Chary Annamuradov and allowed him to return to Sweden, where he was granted asylum in 2003. The death of his brother only recently came to the attention of Human Rights Watch >>

Turkmen Authorities Giveth And Turkmen Authorities Taketh Away

Bruce Pannier

Qishloq Ovozi just looked at the situation in Turkmenistan, where wage arrears and shortages of basic food are becoming the norm for many.

In a superficial way - and Turkmenistans government is nothing if not superficial - it appears the problem with delayed salaries has eased in some areas of the country. Some workers in the northern Dashoguz Province were finally paid their overdue salaries - except the money was reportedly put directly into their bank accounts, accessible only through use of plastic banking cards. Not many stores in Dashoguz Province are set up to take bank cards in exchange for merchandise. There are ATMs, a few, for 1.2 million people; they run out of cash quickly and are not restocked regularly. Many of >>

Turkmenistans Reality: Unpaid Wages And Shortages Of Food


Despite the glowing accounts Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov and other officials give of the countrys economy, testimony from the ground paints an entirely different picture.

You get there and the line is so long it can take three to five days. People sleep in front of the factory. Thats what a resident of Turkmenistans northern Dashoguz Province told RFE/RLs Turkmen Service, known locally as Azatlyk. What was worth sleeping outside a factory for several days? A 50-kilogram sack of flour. Despite the glowing accounts Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov and other officials give of the countrys economy, testimony from the ground paints an entirely different picture. According to people who contacted Azatlyk, in Dashoguz Province, where some 1.2 million >>

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