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Medieval Torture in Turkmenistan

Cholpon Orozobekova

The UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva questions Turkmenistan over abuses in its prisons

Delegation members have not given concrete responses to all questions during the two-day meeting; they kept referring to articles of different laws. Unfortunately, what is written on paper and whats going on in real life are not the same.

The UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva completed its review of the situation in Turkmenistan. The Turkmen delegation, led by Deputy Minister of Justice Meret Taganov, insisted that there is no torture in Turkmenistan and that they have never received complaints. Turkmenistan, which recently adopted a National Human Rights Action Plan and added some provisions about torture to the Criminal Code, says that no cases of death resulting from torture during custody have been recorded in the country and the government takes effective measures for the prevention of acts of torture and cruel treatment >>

Prominent Turkmen Singer Jailed  A Victim Of Drugs Or Circumstance?

Bruce Pannier

One of Turkmenistans most famous singers, Nazir Habibov, is on his way to prison. In fact, he is probably already there.

Habibov was arrested in August on charges of possession and sale of narcotics, but that might not be the reason he ran into trouble with the law. Habibov has a public reputation as a drug user. But that has never damaged his popularity and, according to relatives, Habibov was booked to perform at various functions, usually private functions of Turkmenistans elite, up to six months in advance. But Habibov's popularity may have come at a price. It is no secret all around Central Asia that if you are a popular singer you will receive invitations from powerful people to perform at their parties >>

Shortages in the Era of Might and Happiness


Turkmenistan celebrated the 25th anniversary of independence recently with a mass show of pomp and ceremony, yet many households are struggling to keep pace with the cost of living.

Dependent on energy-export revenue to fill the governments coffers, a precipitous fall in fuel priceshas caused a sudden and drastic economic downturn in Turkmenistan. As a result, essential consumer goods are now starting to grow scarce. The growing list of items vanishing from store shelves is testing the patience of long-suffering Turkmen citizens and exposing cracks in the governments professed Era of Might and Happiness. Layered on top of the economic woes, the lack of freely available foreign cash drove the black market rate for the national currency, the manat, up to eight to the >>

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