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Former minister’s spouse urges Turkmenistan govt. to reveal his whereabouts


The government of Turkmenistan has been urged to «immediately respond» to the United Nations and the family of Boris Shikhmuradov about the fate of the former foreign minister and first deputy prime minister.

Boris Shikhmuradov was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 30, 2002 for his alleged involvement in the assassination attempt of the then President Saparmurat Niyazov. Since then, neither the family nor the lawyers have received any information about Boris Shikhmuradov, who has allegedly disappeared. International human rights campaign «Prove They Are Alive!» has demanded that the Turkmenistan government provide information on his whereabouts. His wife, Tatyana, had complained to the U.N. Human Rights Committee in 2011 hoping that the international body would at least be able to influence… >> подробнее

The government of Turkmenistan Should Implement the Decision of the UN Human Rights Committee


Statement by the Prove They Are Alive! Campaign

The government of Turkmenistan should implement the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee on the case of Boris Shikhmuradov without any further delay.

The campaign “Prove They Are Alive!” expresses its strong disappointment and regret at the protracted failure of the government of Turkmenistan to provide a substantive reply to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on its decision on the case of Boris Shikhmuradov. We urge the Turkmen government to provide a reply to the United Nations and Shikhmuradov’s family without any further delay and take immediate measures to remedy violation of the rights of Shikhmuradov and his family, which Turkmenistan is obligated to implement, according to the Committee’s decision. On 17 October 2014, the U.N… >> подробнее

Attack on the Home of Prominent Turkmen Human Rights Defender's Mother


Statement by the Civic Solidarity Platform’s Turkmenistan Civic Solidarity Group

We urge the OSCE member states, political bodies and institutions to make a prompt and meaningful assessment of the Turkmen authorities' practices and to make it clear that persecution of public figures and journalists is incompatible with the country's OSCE commitments.

According to multiple sources, on the night of 28 to 29 October, the home of 76-year-old Khalida Izbastinova, mother of Farid Tukhbatulin (photo), prominent Turkmen human rights defender, chair of the Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights and editor of the Chronicles of Turkmenistan website, was attacked in Dashoguz in Northern Turkmenistan. The windows of her apartment were broken; fortunately, she was not harmed. The police called to the scene found several bricks and stones inside the apartment. On the eve of the incident, in the evening of 28 October, Khalida Izbastinova's telephone was disconnected… >> подробнее

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