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Man Bites Dog

Pete Baumgartner,
Sahra Ghulam Nabi

Turkmen President Puts Indoor Games' Mascot On Tight Leash

Its unclear why Vepaly displeases the mercurial Berdymukhammedov, as further details were not disclosed and its unknown if the president wants merely to alter a few details on the happy-go-lucky mascot or replace him altogether.

Just weeks after unveiling Vepaly, a cartoonish depiction of the ancient Alabai breed of Central Asian shepherd dog, as the mascot for the largest international sporting event that Turkmenistan has ever hosted, the countrys authoritarian president has unexpectedly told officials hes not satisfied. Turkmen officials announced in December that the canine would be the friendly face of September's Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The event should bring up to 5,000 athletes from dozens of countries to Turkmenistan to compete in 21 sports ranging from basketball and chess to tennis and the >>

Turkmenistan, A Country For Old Men

Bruce Pannier

Turkmenistan's rubberstamp parliament is about to lose its rubber stamp, again.

In his inauguration address on February 17, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov said he would raise the status of the country's Council of Elders above that of parliament. That means this group of white beards, as they would be termed locally, all of them over 70 years old, are about to officially become the legislative branch of government. This is the second time Turkmenistan's parliament has been demoted. There was a body called the People's Assembly (Halk Maslahaty) that, like the Council of Elders, had existed since the early days of Turkmenistan's independence >>

Turkmenistan at TwentyFive: The High Price of Authoritarianism (end)

Paul Stronski

Turkmenistans political model appears far more fragile than the record after twentyfive years of independence might lead one to believe.

Beyond Energy In addition to energy, agriculturemainly wheat and cottonis an important sector of the Turkmen economy, employing roughly half of the countrys population even though agriculture accounts for only 13 percent of GDP. The World Bank estimates that only 4.1 percent of the countrys territory is arable land. Most agriculture occurs on artificially irrigated landa problem given regional water shortages and the fact that 95 percent of the countrys water comes from upstream countries. Turkmenistan is the only Central Asian state that has increased the amount of land under irrigation >>

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