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За демократию и права человека в Туркменистане  For Democracy and Human Rights in Turkmenistan
Why has Turkmenistan’s despotic president created the characteristics of a democracy?

Abel Polese,
Donnacha O'Beachain

The incumbent President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, was duly elected in February with almost 98 percent of the vote. But why did a man with such a firm grip on power – he has ruled since 2007 – bother to hold elections at all? Why take the risky step of allowing other candidates to run and creating an (admittedly powerless) opposition?

Abel Polese and Donnacha O'Beachain (Dublin City University) explore the possible reasons why Berdymukhamedov has created a facade of political pluralism.

Why would a country that has never held multi-party elections, or elections in the proper meaning of the world, all of sudden decide to hold presidential elections, allow candidates, and parties, to register and move towards political pluralism — all for no apparent reason?

In power since Niyazov’s death in 2006, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has an impressive record of alleged popularity in the country. On state media… >> подробнее

Suspended lives: torture of the families of the disappeared in Turkmenistan

Amnesty International

Public Statement

The Turkmenistani authorities must ensure that prompt, thorough, independent and impartial criminal investigations are conducted into alleged disappearances and other human rights violations.

Umed Uldzhabaev, son of Rustem Dzhumaev, who has been enforcedly disappeared for 15 years: “Of course, it has been very difficult to live in the dark about the fate of my father for 15 years - it is the most brutal torture for us - but there is still hope.”

It has been 15 years since the alleged assassination attempt on the then President of Turkmenistan, and 15 years since the families of those accused of the attack have been waiting to receive information about the fate and whereabouts of their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons. The fate of at least 80 prisoners,… >> подробнее

Former minister’s spouse urges Turkmenistan govt. to reveal his whereabouts


The government of Turkmenistan has been urged to «immediately respond» to the United Nations and the family of Boris Shikhmuradov about the fate of the former foreign minister and first deputy prime minister.

Boris Shikhmuradov was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 30, 2002 for his alleged involvement in the assassination attempt of the then President Saparmurat Niyazov.

Since then, neither the family nor the lawyers have received any information about Boris Shikhmuradov, who has allegedly disappeared. International human rights campaign «Prove They Are Alive!» has demanded that the Turkmenistan government provide information on his whereabouts.

His wife, Tatyana, had complained to the U.N. Human Rights Committee in 2011 hoping that the international… >> подробнее

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