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Visiting Turkmenistan, Iranian Leader Helps a ‘Brother’ Out

Chris Rickleton

During his visit Rouhani confirmed that the Islamic Republic would up imports from Turkmenistan. That must be music to Turkmen President.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tried to end uncertainty about Iran’s desire for Turkmenistan's gas during his first official visit to the gas-rich Central Asian country on March 11, promising an unspecified increase in imports. Over the last few years, at least in terms of gas, Turkmenistan’s relationship with Iran has been second only to its relationship with Russia in volatility. Tehran makes occasional noises about boosting domestic production and doing away with a tiresome trade pickled with disputes. But during his visit Rouhani confirmed that the Islamic Republic… >> подробнее

Five ways to stay in power in Central Asia

Abdujalil Abdurasulov

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are both expected to re-elect their leaders this spring.

Few will be surprised if Nursultan Nazarbayev keeps his job in Kazakhstan — though he's yet to announce he is running again — or if Islam Karimov stays president in Uzbekistan. Both have been in charge since Soviet times and are two of the longest serving leaders in the world. Here are five tried and tested tactics they have used to keep themselves in power. 1. Hold a referendum Often, instead of an election, a referendum is organised to extend the president's term. This was particularly popular in the 1990s when post-Soviet Central Asia was going through a painful transition… >> подробнее

Turkmenistan Mobilizes Military Against ISIS Threat

Joshua Kucera

Turkmenistan is undertaking the first large-scale mobilization of its reserve military forces since gaining independence, which government officials say is required to ward off the threat of ISIS forces gathering in neighboring Afghanistan.

That's according to a report in Central Asia Online, a Pentagon-funded news website known mostly for its sunny promotion of the activities of some of the world's most authoritarian governments. This report, even though it falls into that same pattern, is nevertheless pretty extraordinary for the fact that it gets several Turkmenistan officials to talk on the record, and some of them even disagree with one another. «This is the first large-scale and serious ... mobilisation of reservists in the nearly 24 years of the country's independence,» Defence Ministry official… >> подробнее

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